Making Memories with Nature-A family trip to Maredumilli, Andhra Pradesh

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I remember that in my childhood my mom and dad used to tell me about their life when they were young. All the stories of them are like a wonder to me. So in this post, I'm going to tell you about one of my traveling memories of experiencing the stories of my parents particularly in their moments with nature.

We mostly lived in a town and in a city so it was like going to school and coming back home was my routine. I have been to forests during night time that too during the travel to Ananthapur, AP in the bus. By looking at that my intensity of the wish of visiting a forest on a tour became intense year by year. Finally, after turning 18 I got a chance to drive to and through the forest and night stay on a hilltop.

Maredumilli which was 3 hours away from RajaMahendravaram welcomes you with the great feel of greenery at the outskirts of the city itself after the airport. The coolest welcome of nature is the part that people of cities miss in their life. It was 4 AM in Vijayawada we started.

We started going through big trees, curvy roads, so many villages, and a lot more of the excitement of spending 2 days in the forest where you have 2 points of mobile signals and when not near to the police station area, the signals of the mobile will be zero.

We reached Maredumilli in 6 hours with many breaks in between. We took a hotel on the hilltop and after fresh ups and all, we had a nice breakfast i.e., Natukodi Bongulo Chicken. After having that breakfast trust me our 3 meals of the day were the same type of dish that we could not resist ourselves to eat.

After our breakfast on the 1st day, we visited this lake where you can take a cycle boat and cycle around the limits of the lake through these branches where the trees start from the bed of the lake. It was me the driver of the boat and it was a wonderful experience to drive something on the water where it is a little bit scary place. We spent about 1 hour there and left for our remaining tour.

After our lunch on the 1st day, we visited some plants area where you can find so many different varieties of flowers and small trees. We took a photoshoot there for my parents and left for our dinner i.e., same Natukodi Bongulo Chicken. It was a wonderful 1st day with a lot of memories. But you know my wish is to go into the forest and we did not go that day. Usually, I will be in a state of sleeplessness with that anxiety as I was driving continuously I slept after reaching the hotel immediately. Believe me, you get a sound sleep in the forest areas where you miss it in the cities, towns, and many of our urban bounded villages.

Finally, my day has come! On the 2nd day, we went deep into the forest where the roads are so narrow and had sharp curves. I was really thrilled a lot and my excitement bust out of its limits through silently admiring nature. We being in the cities really miss a lot. Big trees covering the roads, fresh air, and healthy living. Usually, people run after the time that makes them good machines and we don't have time to make or remember memories. Here time ran along with us and that 2 days' stay in the forest makes us happy even now we hear the word Maredumilli automated smile comes on our face.

We feel like cutting down the forests and building a wonderful building makes humankind look highly talented and rulers of the world but when you stay inside nature you will know that the architecture of nature is a royal and permanent one that no man-made architecture is worthy of comparison. One of them was captured here. See the roads and the trees that cover with a wonderful pattern and design.

We completed our 2 days trip at Maredumilli returned home with lots of memories, wonderful taste of Natukodi Bongulo Chicken, amazing greenery, curves and patterns of nature, the energy we have when associated with nature and captured photos as a token of memories & happiness, peacefulness as a token of experience.

So this is about one of my traveling memories of experiencing the stories of my parents particularly on their moments with nature i.e., how they spent their time in the forests in their childhood. Hope you all also had experiences like this. If you have any please share it here and if you don't have one, please make sure your next plan is going to be in nature for at least a day.

"This is Madduluri Gnana Teja signing out from your mind until you read my next post!"

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